4/25....Spelling test (words from last week)

Wednesday:  Spelling- write words 3 times.

Math- page 71

Maps - pages 32-33

Spelling Words:  cow, town, mouse, how, out, mouth, born, fork, fall, sure (there will be no spelling test this week but please make sure your child knows how to spell these words.)

4/15...N.U.T. Day....$2.00

4/16...Please send in two hard boil eggs.  We will be dying eggs in class!!

4/16...Spirit Day

Monday:  Spelling - write words 3 times each.

Reading - page 202 and 237

Grammar - page 90 - 91


Tuesday:  Spelling - write words 2 times each.

Reading - pages 242-243

Grammar - page 92


                                              I hope everyone has a Happy & Blessed Easter!!!!