Reminders: Wed., Nov. 25th is a 12:00pm dismissal.

There will be no spelling test this week.

I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!


Monday, Nov. 23rd

Reading Practice Book page 90.

Math workbook page 34.

Grammar worksheet.




Tuesday, Nov. 24th

Skills Book pages 69 and 70.

Math workbook page 35.


Tomorrow is a 12:00pm dismissal.



Monday, Nov. 16th

1) Write spelling words 3 times each.

2) Math workbook page 31.

3) Reading Practice Book page 80.

4) Read


Spelling Words: run, fun, nut, cut, bug, rug, grass, spin, could, one


Tuesday, Nov. 17th

1) Write 5 sentences using the first 5 spelling words.

2) Study for math test.

3) Grammar Book page 43.

4) Read


Wed., Nov. 18th

1) Write 5 sentences using the second 5 spelling words.

2) Math workbook page 32.

3) Social Studies worksheet.

4) Gym tomorrow. Wear gym uniform.

5) Read


Thursday, Nov. 19th

1) Study for spelling test.

2) Math workbook page 33.

3) Grammar workbook page 45.

4) Read